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Bedroom - Before & After:
Featuring the T300 Egg & Dart cornice with designer miter blocks and a ceiling panel made from M550 Adams Flute decorative moulding and B501 decorative corners.

Dining Room - Before & After
Featuring the T500 Duchess Leaf cornice installed with designer miter blocks,a 278VI Kilbride ceiling center, the M540 Regal Pearls decorative moulding used to create a chair rail, and the M520 Traditional Leaf decorative moulding combined with a wood door casingaround the passageway.

Family Room - Before & After:
Featuring the T100 Supreme Dentil cornice and wall panels created with the M510 Reed & Ribbon decorative moulding and B504 decorative corners.

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Hall - Before & After:
The T200 Vice Regal cornice is installed with designer miter blocks.

Kitchen - Before & After:
The H302 Flute Frieze is used here as a cornice.

Living Room - Before & After:
The two passageways are framed by simple Adornador® surrounds using P506 six inch pilasters, an H430 Triglyph header and the H440 keystone. The T300 Egg & Dart cornice is "enlarged" by the addition of M520 Traditional Leaf decorative moulding beneath it.