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Orac Decor
Focal Point
98530 Wilton Dome
13020 Glenburnie moulding
Focal Point
Wilton Dome
Wesley Dome
Rondel Dome
80015 Medallion
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Focal Point
98580 Dome
13060 D'Evereux Cornice Moulding
Focal Point
98580 Sanford
Elliptical Dome

The Sanford & Hopkins DOMES provide the opportunity to use a dome without major construction changes. Both domes fit yhe depth of standard ceilings, and offer the intricate designs found in our mouldings and medallions. made of a high density polymer, these domes often appear in entryways, hallways and dining rooms.

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Balmer Studio
3457VI Dome
765VI Niche

Balmer Studio

The elegant 3465 Pearl Dome is made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum. It has an outside diameter of 42 inches (1067 mm) and an inside diameter of 36 in (914 mm). The 3465 requires a ceiling recess of 38 in (965 mm) diameter and 6-1/2 in (165 mm) depth.

This one piece dome can be installed using a gypsum adhesive, such as Sheetrock® 90 (made by United States Gypsum Company) and countersunk drywall screws through the integral rim into ceiling joists or blocking.

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